What we Do

Here is the list of services we provide.


Consulting for the energy sector,power plants and gas.


Third party inspection services for high and low natural gas installations.


Supervision for power plants ,petrochemical equipment ,steel bridges, cranes, and heavy steel fabrication.


Preparation of inspection plans, test plans and welding procedures for all types of equipment and materials.


Haim Timor Consulting & Inspection Services Ltd. was established in Israel as a consulting and third party inspection service company.

As an independent and flexible organization, our aim is to provide unsurpassable professional consulting and third party inspection services for the energy sector, including mechanical engineering - Oil, Natural Gas, Processing Plants, Terminals, Power Plants, Pipelines, and Industrial Projects (Heavy Steel Fabrication and Construction).

40 years inspection and supervision of all types of critical power generation equipment.

Expert consulting regarding codes and standards requirements including API, ASME, TEMA, AWS, ASTM, and their European Standards equivalent.

Extensive experience transferring the requirements of quality codes onto inspection and test plans for the petrochemical industry and all types of power generation.

Supervision of the fabrication and construction - local and international projects - of heat exchangers, boilers (fossile and HRSG), major piping systems (P91), heavy structural steel works, coal ship unsoldering, and titanium condensers.

We are experienced and familiar with the capabilities and quality systems of the local and foreign suppliers of the aforementioned equipment.

Preparation of welding and NDT procedures as standard practice for the different types of materials utelized during fabrication and construction of the aforementioned equipment.

Successful Inspections

Our staff qualifications encompass:

  • Polytechnion (Haifa, Israel) graduate in mechanical engineering.
  • Certification by the American National Board as steam boilers and pressure vessels inspector.
  • Certification by the American Welding Society (AWS) as a welding inspector.
  • Certification by the American petroleum institute (API), as a pressured vessels inspector.
  • Certification by the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) for Level II radiographic examination.
  • Additional professional certifications and courses - local and international - related to the aforementioned certifications include, but not limited to, advanced NDT methods, material failures, quality auditors, and heat exchangers fabrication and repairs.

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